Committee Information

People sitting around a table at a board meeting.Executive Committee

The executive committee is composed of the officers of the Statewide Independent Living Council and the chairs of the standing committees. The committee meets prior to all business meetings of the Statewide Independent Living Council and at other times as necessary. It acts as an advisor to the chair and approves appointments to standing and special committees. It has general supervision over and conduct the affairs of the Statewide Independent Living Council between meetings. The executive committee reports at each meeting of the Statewide Independent Living Council on action taken between meetings.

Public Awareness Committee

This committee is charged with the development and oversight of all council publications, marketing materials and website content.

Nominating Committee

At the fall/winter meeting, the nominating committee presents a slate of officers. The floor opens for nominations then a ballot vote may be taken. The nominating committee is composed of at least four Statewide Independent Living Council members representing statewide geographic distribution.

Ad Hoc SPIL Development Committee

This is a time-limited committee charged with drafting the upcoming three-year state independent living plan for review and approval at the Spring full SILC Council meeting.

Committee Information