Council Members

Membership Composition

 The Statewide Independent Living Council is to be composed of:
  • At least one director of a Center for Independent Living chosen by the directors of Centers for Independent Living within the state;
  • Representatives from the Kentucky Department of Aging and Independent Living and the Kentucky Office for the Blind (ex-officio members)
  • Representatives from other state agencies that provide services for individuals with disabilities.
  • Additional members may include:
  • Other representatives from centers for independent living;
  • Parents and guardians of individuals with disabilities;
  • Advocates of and for individuals with disabilities;
  • Representatives from private businesses;
  • Representatives from organizations that provide services for individuals with disabilities; and 
  • Other appropriate individuals

Current MembershipSilhouette of a council meeting in a board room.

  • Bobby Begley, Member-At-Large
  • Robin Bush
  • Dusty Columbia-Embury
  • Joe Cowan, Vice Chair
  • Amy Doughtery, Chair
  • Jennifer Dudinskie, Ex-Officio
  • Kelvin Fugate
  • Tyler Howard
  • Dale Kite
  • Darrell Mattingly
  • Brenda Noble, CIL Representative
  • Gay Pannell, Ex-Officio
  • Lukas Saint-Clair, Member-At-Large
  • Brad Schneider

​SILC Officers

  • Amy Dougherty, Chair
  • Joe Cowan, Vice Chair
  • Bobby Begley, Member-at-Large
  • Lukas Saint-Clair, Member-at-Large

Get Involved

We are looking for new council members.
If you would like to serve on the SILC, please review and complete the following documents:
Mail documents to:
(502) 564-6930 Ext. 3491
Department for Aging and Independent Living
275 E. Main Street 3E-E
Frankfort, KY 40621